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Holzman arrested and formally charged

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A Geneseo mother of two now faces years in prison after prosecutors confirmed a community's fears. They say Kristin Holzman kept thousands of dollars for herself and never had the cancer she claimed. Police arrested her last night and tonight prosecutors are speaking out.

Kristin Holzman plead not guilty and was released on her own recognizance, meaning she was let go without having to post any bond money. Although she still faces p to seven years in prison.

Arrested late Wednesday night, Kristin Holzman went before a Henry county judge for the first time Thursday morning, pleading not guilty.

"She was very emotional, crying which is understandable since she's just been charged with a felony and spent a night in jail," said Henry county state's attorney Terry Patton.

Formally charged with felony theft of up to $100,000 after prosecutors say she scammed money and favors from the Geneseo community.

"Our allegation is that she never had cancer and she knew she didn't have cancer and she told people that she did and that caused people to give these donations," said Patton.

At least three benefits were held, a fourth canceled after Holzman announced she had inoperable brain cancer. Witnesses say at least $10,000 was raised, shortly after so were questions.

"People who do have cancer and go through chemotherapy they go through physical changes that you can observe and when didn't observe changes, that made people suspicious."

The mother of two under investigation since May after Geneseo police received a complaint questioning where some of the money raised was going. Earlier this week we talked to a close friend of Kristin's who says the money was spent frivolously.

"A bathroom got remodeled, pretty nice and she was planning a trip, a Disney cruise for the family," said the friend who didn't want to be identified.

Despite repeated attempts Kristin refuses to tell her side of the story.

Hours before her arrest, a moving truck was found outside her mother's house. Kristin telling a source close to news 8 she planned to move to the Chicago area this week. Despite charges that is still a possibility.

"She can move anywhere in the state of Illinois, she can not leave state of Illinois without permission of court," said state's attorney Patton.

Holzman now faces up to seven years in prison.

"If she's found guilty, we'll certainly do everything in our power to make sure every penny is paid back," said Patton.

The Henry county state's attorney says he's never seen a case like this, where a person may have faked having cancer. A jury trial is set for October.