Local farm offers chemical-free fruits and vegetables

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An apple a day maybe good for you but what you may not know is that apple could also make you sick. The Environmental Working Group recently released its list of dirtiest fruits and vegetables and topping that list was the apple. Researchers say nearly 98% of apples had pesticide residue. It’s studies like this that are causing more people to buy organically.

For thirteen years Nostalgia farms near Maysville, Iowa has been a staple at Davenport’s farmers market.

“We’ve noticed a huge increase in people wanting to know where food is coming from, what he’s been added to it,” said Farmer Ed Kraklio.

Raising everything from strawberries to apples, all without the use of chemicals.

“With any soft fruits you don’t want to spray because what that does is absorb product and carry that throughout and a lot of studies show those chemicals cause a lot of cancers these days in so many people,” said Kraklio.

Instead farmer Ed Kraklio relies on insects as well as farm animal to help with the bug population.

“We have our turkeys and our ducks, our young chickens will run our pasture under our fruit trees and what they do is eat insects and moths on ground level before they can get to trees.”

Ed says within the last four years his business has seen a boost, more people paying higher prices for clean foods.

“People are willing to pay that price because of health benefits that come along with that healthy non sprayed product.”

While buying fresh and local often means less pesticides, Ed still recommends asking the three W’s, who, what and where.

“Not always the person selling your food is the person raising your food and if they can’t answer these types of questions, walk away,” said Ed.

The farmers market in downtown Davenport is held at the Freight house every Tuesday from 3pm to 6pm and Saturdays 8am until 1pm.