Terronez Investigation: Text, phone and Facebook records

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This is a partial transcript taken verbatim from records included in reports released by Illinois State Police regarding their investigation into the conduct of Jeff Terronez.


The following texts were during the date of 08/15/2010, which is the date for the alleged delivery of alcohol from

Terronez to at Mitchel Park in East Moline, IL.

Pg 297 through 319 a text message account of Terronez purchasing alcoholic liquor for which is corroborated

by photographs, video surveillance from HyVee, recorded statements from and and evidence of the

particular types of alcohol purchased from the car trunk of along with the date and time stamped receipt from the

HyVee store in question. It should be noted the key word used to describe the alcohol was "Apples."

[ Terronez! ]

JT:[ I have a wicked hangover ]

Omg! Loook who it is! Is tht really u?! ]

JT:[ Funny just woke up drove home at 5am like a dumb ass ]

[ Wowww haha ]

JT:[ what a night though I love my guys ]

[ Yea watever ]

JT:[ Can't even remember my broads name ]

[ Wow hahaha ]

JT:[ She was a freak that much I remember ]

Haha weirdo ]

JT:[ What u do ]

Stayed w my man:) ]

JT:[ Wow u better have an open bar at ur wedding ]

Haha maybe u shud just buy me alcohol ]

JT:[ Alcohol doesn't even sound good rt now ]

Does to me!! ]

JT:[ Did u drink last night ]

No:( bc u weret there for me:( ]

JT:[ Haha u'll survive ]

:( ][ So can i have some now.Please:( ]

JT:[ I promised chb I'd make her n her roomate dinner tonight. Gettn ready to leave now. ]

[ Soo juust get it reeeal fast.Plz! Uve bailed on me too much! And ive done a good job! ]

JT:[ Don't have time. I have not bailed on u! It just didn't work out this weekend. ]

[ Pleeeasee :'( :'( ]

JT:[ Girl u got school tomorrow ]

[ No i dont! ]

JT:[ I can't I late already I was supposed to b there by 5. I still have to go to the store to buy dinner. ]

[ Wen ur at the store buying it! Buy the apples! ]

JT:[ How would I get them to u? ]

[ Ill go to the store ]

JT:[ In davenport? ]

No here ]

JT:[ I'm on my way to dport now ]

[ Nooooo ]

JT:[ Soooorrrrryyyy ]

[ Fine ill go to dport. ]

JT:[ Damn girl!! U need help 4 ur problem haha!! ]

[ Lol shut up.Its been awhile ][ R u guna get apples ]

JT:[ Do u know the hyvee near txas rdhs? ]

[ Yes ]

JT:[ Just remembered its sunday. They don't serve on sundays ][ Sorry girl. N I'm in springfield next weekend ]

[ Wtf! There has to be a liquor store tht open.Seriously ]

JT:[ Don't have time. I'm late!! ][ Cancelled w chb she's pissed!! I'll find ur apples... ]

[ Okay! Yay! ]

JT:[ Don't feel like gettn laid tonight ne way ]

[ Haha. ]

JT:[ Haha just told her ill bring a pizza later ]

[ Ha wow.Nice! ]

JT:[ I can b a dick sometimes ]

Tthts funny ]

JT:Log Written 08/15/2010 18:10:19;[ Got them meet me at mitchell n 5 ]

[ Okay!.Im not gettig out tho bc i look scaryy ]

JT:[ Whatever!! I won't give them to u then... ]

[ Ok fineee ]

JT:[ Haha my bitch!! ]

[ Wateverr ]

JT:[ :D ][ U have now called me a dick twice!! ][ Btw u would of had noooo fun in san diego anyway ]

Haha:) ok thaanx for the apples! ]Log Written 08/15/2010 19:11:22

JT:[ Enjoy their ur last batch from me! ]

[ :'( ]


:[ No bc it makes me sad tht ur cutting me out:( ]

JT:[ Deprivation builds character ]

[ :( ]

JT:[ NO SAD FACES!! Hey at least I'll txt "hi" to u at fball games! ]

[ And get me booze afterwards:) ]

JT:[ Hahaha keep dreaming! I'm goin 2 Rocky games haha!! ]

Ill cut u off ..Dick ]

JT:[ Hahaha!! Just don't cut my dick off!! I need that!! ]

:[ U gave me an idea.I shud do tht..Meanie! :( ]

JT:[ Omg!! Chb told me that I make her live w a broken heart everyday! Hahahaha!! How gay is that?? Hahaha!!! ]

[ Hahahahahaha wowww ]

JT:[ I think she just dumped me again!??! ][ Yep I am now wo a woman!! Hahaha I got no game!!!! ]

[ Ha! ]

Subsequent texts after 08/15/2010;

Pg 347 Text about sending photographs

Pg 364 Supportive text to corroborate statements that no sexual contact occurred between Terronez and

Pg 378 Terronez admits buying alcohol

Log Written 08/18/2010 20:27:01 JT to Girl I haven't even bought lil hottie or chb as much booze as I have bought u!!N both r legal drinkers!!! ]

Pg 379 Terronez admits he hasn't bought others who are legal age as much alcohol as he has bought

Pg 395 asking for more "Green Apples."

Pg 414 Terronez advising had just called him asking for booze, then asking if she has told anyone "I

get you booze."

Pg 416 Terronez is suspecting is telling people he is purchasing booze

Pg 455 Terronez is telling that had just called Terronez and stated that two people had just

called him and said that Terronez is buying booze.

Pg 457 requests that Terronez get her "Mike's Hard."

Pg 460 texts she needs to talk to Terronez about an issue (believed to be about friends getting

arrested in Davenport, Iowa, based on statement).

If all the text messages are read completely there is sexual content, but nothing to lead one to believe that sexual acts

are being committed between Terronez and 033

On 10/25/2010, Sgt. Costliow obtained a search warrant for Facebook Incorporated for the Facebook accounts of

and The search warrant was served on Facebook on 10/25/2010 and the information requested

was received on 11/10/2010. While reading through the Facebook information as it relates to and

Terronez, Sgt. Costliow made the following notes.

commented on page 231-232; "On may way back from Charleston, what a shitty trip, needs to go on a real


Page 270; "I know mister T did not block me from facebook... i'm ur MiniMe!! U got some explaining to do mister T."

commented on page 385; short entries about her trip to Charleston and Champaign.

Page 389 and 408, Jeff Terronez contacts on June 19th; "Hey I'm going to Champaign July 15 and

16. If you want a ride to Charleston I can drop you off then pick you up on the way back. Let me know."

Page 429; posting on July 14 by "Charleston and Champaign be back Friday." Posting on July 15th by

"Back in Champaign...going out tonight." 034

On 10/25/2010 Sgt. Costliow obtained a search warrant for the Country Inn & Suites in Champaign, IL. The search

warrant was served on the Country Inn & Suites on the same day. The Country Inn & Suites sent me the requested

information on 10/25/2010.

Of particular interest to this investigation is the print-out of Jeff Terronez's booking information at the Country Inn &

Suites, located at 602 Marketview Drive, Champaign, IL. This document shows Terronez's address to be listed as

WA 98004. The booking was for 07/14/2010 through 07/16/2010. The booking was for room

#318. Also obtained was a list of other individuals who stayed at the Country Inn & Suites during the same time period.


On 08/26/2010 Sgt. Costliow obtained a search warrant from U S Cellular telephone number (

cell phone) and served the search warrant on U S Cellular on the same day. I received the requested

information from U S Cellular on 09/02/2010. After reviewing the cellular phone records, there were a few notes of

particular interest to this investigation.

The phone records for cell phone were from 05/01/2010 through 08/26/2010. During this period of time

there were no calls to Jeff NMI Terronez's cellular phone during the months of May and June 2010. In July 2010 there

were 22 calls between and Jeff NMI Terronez on the following dates and times.

07/10/2010 @ 21:27:57

07/13/2010 @ 16:19:38

07/14/2010 @ 12:28:32, 12:36:25, 13:14:10

07/15/2010 @ 17:36:18, 17:53:35

07/16/2010 @ 01:08:21, 04:48:41

Of special interest with the dates 07/14/2010 through 07/16/2010 is when Jeff NMI Terronez went to Champaign, IL and

Charleston, IL with and On 07/16/2010, was the night wherein and were

separated for the evening. See statements from and about the circumstances of the evening.

07/26/2010 @ 22:22:35

07/27/2010 @ 20:39:22

07/28/2010 @ 00:38:30, 18:01:17, 19:03:34, 20:29:54, 21:15:32

07/29/2010 @ 15:15:22, 16:09:04

07/30/2010 @ 16:48:19, 17:26:01, 17:33:51, 18:18:06

In the month of August 2010 there were 18 calls between and Jeff NMI Terronez.

08/01/2010 @ 10:44:59, 17:49:43, 18:01:03

08/04/2010 @ 22:33:51

08/19/2010 @ 20:11:44, 21:41:32

08/20/2010 @ 13:38:30

08/22/2010 @ 19:09:28

08/23/2010 @ 14:10:09, 14:10:09, 14:14:42, 14:14:42, 14:15:07, 14:15:07, 14:18:47, 14:18:47, 14:28:00, 14:28:00