Governor’s death penalty ban will spare Sheley in Illinois

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Accused spree killer Nicholas Sheley was one of three defendants in Illinois facing a possible death sentence, and now appears spared, at least in Illinois.

Sheley is a former Sterling man accused of killing 8 people in a two state crime spree in 2008.

His first trial is expected to start in Galesburg sometime this summer, and prosecutors filed their intent to seek the death penalty.

A spokesperson from Knox County declined to comment on the case Wednesday, and a representative from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office which is prosecuting the Sheley case said they would have to get back to WQAD on the matter.

But the Governor outlawed future executions and commuted the sentences of 15 inmates already on death row, including Daniel Ramsey.

The Keokuk, Iowa man killed a 12-year old girl and a 16-year old girl back in 1996 in Hancock County.

Sheley could still face the death penalty in Missouri, where he's accused of killing two people.